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In our beauty lounges on the ground floor, your visit will be a pampering experience. Enjoy special body treatments and facials that are adapted to the individual needs of your skin. Discover renowned care products as well as novelties of international brands and book your time-out from everyday life.

Choose your favourite beauty treatment and arrange your personal appointment here, by telephone or by e-mail with us. We will also be happy to advise you on site. We look forward to your visit!

Temporary Beauty Lounges in 2020:


The skin care experts at the Californian body care company have developed a so-called »face mapping«, a patented skin analysis, which forms the basis of every treatment. 30 to 60-minute facial treatments are individually tailored to your skin type with special product recommendations. The peeling »Pro Power Peel« can also be experienced for 30 or 60 minutes and counteracts inflammation, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

T + 49 40 35 901 266


Dr. Barbara Sturm works with aesthetic, non-operative treatments that refresh and rejuvenate the skin. International top models and Hollywood stars rely on the skin care line “Molekular Cosmetics” of the German skin expert. The treatment “Instant Glow Facial” in the Beauty Lounge in the Alsterhaus provides the skin with deep care thanks to the combination of nature and science. The treatment hydrates and cares for the complexion and gives it a healthy, radiant look – also known as “#SturmGlow”.

T + 49 172 26 21 500


The French cosmetics group has been using the power of natural products since 1828. The Alsterhaus offers 45-minute facials with subsequent day make-up, which includes cleansing, face mask and massage of the face, décolleté, arms and hands. Anti-aging treatments such as »Abeille Royale« based on honey, »Orchidée Impériale« with special orchid extracts and »Super Aqua« can also be booked.

T + 49 40 35 00 38 88


Experience the unique and efficient skin care products of the New York cosmetics brand during your 60-minute facial treatment tailored to your skin type.

T + 49 40 28 80 97 96


The particularly well-tolerated skin care products with sea silt extract are developed and manufactured by the North German company in its own laboratories. The 45-minute treatments »The Hydrates Look«, »The Lifted Look« and »The Revitalized Look« are coordinated with the special products and techniques to achieve your personal desired result. In addition, an activating massage revitalises your skin and cushions it from the inside out.

T + 49 40 32 50 98 08


Omorovicza is is luxury beauty brand from Budapest, Hungary, city of spa. All products contain the mineral, hungarian  thermalwater. So called »healing concentrate« guarantees that minerals even dive into deeper skin layers. The facial we offer lasts 60 minutes and contains a massage for your face which tightens and brightens your skin.

T +49 172 262 15 00


In its products, Sensai combines advanced skin care technology with the ingredients of natural Koishimaru silk. The facial treatments last from 60 to 120 minutes and have different objectives: »Saho Pure Luxury« is an anti-aging treatment that supports your skin’s own regeneration, »Saho Discovery« intensively moisturizes your skin. The treatments »Anti-Wrinkle«, »Energising« and »Lifting« support the collagen renewal process, increase the elasticity or tighten and firm your facial skin.

T + 49 178 880 38 56


Shiseido has been developing skin care products, make-up and fragrances since 1872. The Japanese cosmetics manufacturer has received numerous international awards in the fields of science and cosmetics and is present in the Alsterhaus with two treatments. The 60-minute »Yutaka treatment« starts with a cleansing and includes a massage of the face, eyes and lips with a Japanese, handmade massage stone. Afterwards your arms and hands will be pampered during a face mask. With Shiseido’s »Service Treatment« you will experience facial cleansing, massage and care within 30 minutes, followed by a day’s make-up.

T + 49 40 35 01 97 34


The French brand develops highly effective skin care, make-up and perfumes based on plant extracts and essential oils.

T + 49 40 34 99 39 86


Valmont’s Swiss anti-aging cosmetics have been offering immediate and lasting results for more than thirty years. Enjoy a 60-minute skin care treatment in our house that relaxes and counteracts skin aging. The special feature: you receive this treatment free of charge when you purchase two Valmont products.

T + 49 173 146 39 02



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