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inner beauty

»Oily Hair Supplement« 30 tablets 30 Euro
»Radiant Skin Beauty Dose« 90 capsules 115 Euro
»Super Greens« 165 g 76 Euro

»Skin Glow Komplex« 60 capsules 59,90 Euro
»Skin Food« 60 capsules 95 Euro
»Pure MSM« 45 tablets 41,50 Euro

Our body gets what it needs from what we eat and drink, which is the best and most natural way of ingesting vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet nourishes right down to the deep skin tissue; drinking lots of water prevents the skin becoming sallow and losing elasticity. This means that healthy beauty comes from within and can be nurtured using creams, masks, treatments and oils.
Nevertheless, it can be difficult to eat and drink everything needed for optimal nutrient levels every day. Not only does this affect how well we feel, it also leaves its mark on the skin, hair and nails. Beauty supplements are a useful extra to help achieve a balanced diet, supply the body with essential nutrients and prevent health problems.

This is where increasingly popular ‘beauty shots’ can have a role to play. Featuring collagen, calcium, vitamin C and peptides, their purpose is to slow down the ageing process, protect the skin against everyday outdoor irritants and boost cell regeneration. You are what you eat – and people are increasingly interpreting this literally. As of last year, more beauty supplements were sold in the United Kingdom than serums.