Gourmet Specialities


Caviar House & Prunier

After New York, Dubai, London and Sydney, it's now time for Hamburg. Caviar House and Prunier opens its first branch in Hamburg on the 4th Floor of the Alsterhaus Department Store. This exquisite seafood bar offers delicious delicacies and guarantees the perfect gourmet experience.

T: +49 (0) 40 32 509 399

Fromage & Bistro

At Hannelore Nägele's cheese counter on the 4th Floor, discover their delicious 120 raw-milk cheeses and exquisite range of goats cheese, which are unparalleled in Hamburg. As well as being able to sample these specialities, you can also order a selection of cheeses for your next party.

Tel. +49 (0) 40 35 90 1-124


On the 4th Floor, Lindner offers hand-picked delicacies that are freshly prepared every day according to their exclusive recipes - international dainties, Mediterranean sausage and ham specialities, a extensive range of bread and other bakery produce, as well as a wide selection of fresh salads and cream. Lindner spoils you with the privilege of good taste, and is the perfect partner for exquisite catering - from buffet ideas through to decorations and tending to your guests.

Tel. +49 (0) 40 22 60 30 72

Mariage Frères

French tea by Mariage Frères is more than just tea. It is a unique way to enjoy, a sensual experience, almost something indescribable. The Mariage Frères Teahouse has been based in Paris since 1854 and is a synonym for elegance and exceptional tea compositions. Today the brand is an international producer of the finest qualities of French tea and unites tradition and innovation in all its products. At Mariage Frères you can also learn everything about tea’s cultural history and its preparation. From Matcha, a green tea ground to a fine powder and drunk at Japanese tea ceremonies to the real enjoyment of white, green and black teas. Whether mixed with cherry blossom, jasmine pearls or ginger, Mariage Frères brings new light to enjoying tea, inspires dreams and offers a fresh interpretation of tea culture to set new standards for contemporary tea enjoyment in the 21st century.

More than Champagne

More than Champagne is offered by the new Lounge on the Alsterhaus Gourmet Boulevard. Next-door to the world’s first Veuve Clicquot Boutique, situated on the 4th floor, connoisseurs can now experience a world of discovery spread over 100 square metres that speaks to all the senses. Here you can taste and experience the most sought-after champagnes, spirits and wines. ‘More than Champagne’ is a lounge, a bar and a shop in one and offers cult champagnes, excellent wines, 100-year-old Eaux de Vie and jewels of single malts: anything a connoisseur’s heart could desire. Moët & Chandon has been a synonym for glamorous festivenesses for over 260 years and a symbol for enjoyment and spectacular celebration. As the worldwide best champagne, it has forever been the favourite drink of the stars. Dom Pérignon: 'To create the best wine in the world’ was the vision of the monk Dom Pérignon in the late 17th century. Each vintage is an individual creation and has an unmistakable style. Ruinart: The oldest champagne house, founded in 1729; an insider tip for connoisseurs. Ruinart takes you into a world of aesthetic sophistication and ultimate chic. Krug begins where other champagnes finish. The result of a quality philosophy without compromise is a taste you immediately identify and will never forget. The utmost handcraft over six generations has made Krug a living legend. Hennessy has been creating top quality since 1765. Today’s descendants of the founder Richard Hennessy live the same passion for cognac as their ancestors. Belvedere is named after Belvedere Palace, the former residence of the Polish kings. It is distilled four times and is the only vodka made of pure 100 percent Polish rye. Glenmorangie is probably the most exquisite Single Malt Whisky in the world. Connoisseurs and novices love its elegance and diversity of flavour. Handmade since 1843 in the Scottish Highlands, Ardbeg, valued and appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world, is considered to be the icon among the peaty Islay Malt Whiskies - unique, mystical, legendary. Estates & Wines Collection: Premium wines from the best regions of the ‘new and old wine world’. World-renowned brands such as Cloudy Bay, new celebrities such as Terrazas de los Andes, Cheval des Andes or cult wines such as Numanthia or Newton. 10 Cane: sugarcane cultivated on the fertile volcano soil of Trinidad and harvested by hand. 10 Cane perfects every cocktail but can also be enjoyed pure or on ice.


We stock over 4,000 top-quality specialities from all over the world - which will satisfy both the most demanding gourmets and ambitious part-time cooks. Oil and vinegar (including Modena balsamic vinegar), marinated delicacies, truffle specialities, a wide selection of pastas, rare varieties of rice, sugos and sauces – all these and more will entice you on the gourmet trip. We are also pleased to provide expert advice and suggestions for gifts and surprise hampers. There are also a wide range of spices and spice mixtures that make cooking a truly delightful and satisfying experience. The finest confectionery that melt in the mouth, including heavenly marzipan and all types of praline from companies such as Summerbird and the legendary ‘Schaumkuss’ with a marzipan base, stir that desire for something sweet. An oasis for the tea connoisseur is the wonderful selection of teas from Paris, while amazing teapots complete the collection. There are also coffee specialities from Italy and fine biscuits to accompany all hot beverages, as well as the choicest handmade sweets and chocolate specialities from around the globe.

We look forward to seeing you.

Oschätzchen Team
Tel. +49 (0)40 35901 491


Entdecken Sie in der Raritäten-Lounge auf dem Feinschmecker-Boulevard die Spitzengewächse internationaler Topwinzer aus den bedeutendsten Lagen sowie edle Spirituosenspezialitäten, die Kenner und Genießer gleichermaßen begeistern. Unsere Weinfachberater nehmen Sie mit auf die Reise in alle Anbauregionen der Weinwelt. 149 Champagnersorten, limitierte Abfüllungen und edle Spezialitäten in beeindruckender Aromenvielfalt und Konzentration warten darauf, von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden.


This delightful confectionery, featuring hundreds of handmade treats, can be found on the 4th Floor next to the Champagne Bar. Lovers of exquisite praline, top-quality chocolate, world-famous petits fours and Prince Charles organic products will be in seventh heaven in this section. Over 110 types of truffle will ensure that nearly all tastes are satisfied. Staff will be happy to advise you in selecting luxury gifts.

On the Lower Ground of our store, you will find sweets and a superb selection of chocolates from renowned companies such as Rausch, Cadbury and Cailler. There are 104 types of fruit gums, 43 varieties of liquorice and 38 different sweets, which will not only send children into raptures, but are ready for you to take away.

Tel. +49 (0) 40 35 90 1-194

Veuve Clicquot Boutique

Veuve Clicquot preserves its position as an innovator with the creation of a stylish meeting point. The Veuve Clicquot Champagne Boutique, a sparkling combination of Clicquot Lounge, Clicquot Bar and Cliquot Shop all in one, is the first of its kind in the world.

Next to the exclusive Veuve Clicquot range of products, there are also top-quality, chic champagne accessories on offer. For example, the sought after Veuve Clicquot champagne cooler in various designs and the Clicquot flutes are on sale. For the champagne connoisseur, there is the Yellow Label champagne portfolio, which can include special vintages including the Prestige Cuvée La Grande Dame. The Champagne lover will find great pleasure in the Champagne to go Collection with its stylish ice jacket and the Clicquot Traveller.

Tel. +49 (0) 40 35 90 1-483

Wine Department

Wine enthusiasts can experience an entirely new world of enjoyment on the Gourmet Boulevard, an enticing journey of discovery through the fascinating world of wine and selected whiskey. The selected Alsterhaus Wine Collection comprises more than 850 varieties of the most interesting and exclusive wines in the world. Classic Italian wines, elegant German, fiery Spanish, expressive French and fresh Portuguese wines are presented on approx. 300 square metres. Icons of the history of wine, the most significant vineyards in the world, great classics but also newcomers are all represented here, just waiting to be discovered. Would you like to know more about wine, flavours and the senses and extend your knowledge of wine? We invite wine connoisseurs and those interested in learning more to our regular wine tastings with our specialist consultants. Enter the world of wine. Current appointments for our wine tastings can be found on our website at www.alsterhaus.de or contact our wine department:

Tel. +49 (0)40 35 901-183 or
e-mail: wein@alsterhaus.de

Niemeyer Tabak