Wine Department

Wine enthusiasts can experience an entirely new world of enjoyment on the Gourmet Boulevard, an enticing journey of discovery through the fascinating world of wine and selected whiskey. The selected Alsterhaus Wine Collection comprises more than 850 varieties of the most interesting and exclusive wines in the world. Classic Italian wines, elegant German, fiery Spanish, expressive French and fresh Portuguese wines are presented on approx. 300 square metres. Icons of the history of wine, the most significant vineyards in the world, great classics but also newcomers are all represented here, just waiting to be discovered. Would you like to know more about wine, flavours and the senses and extend your knowledge of wine? We invite wine connoisseurs and those interested in learning more to our regular wine tastings with our specialist consultants. Enter the world of wine. Current appointments for our wine tastings can be found on our website at or contact our wine department:

Tel. +49 (0)40 35 901-183 or