This delightful confectionery, featuring hundreds of handmade treats, can be found on the 4th Floor next to the Champagne Bar. Lovers of exquisite praline, top-quality chocolate, world-famous petits fours and Prince Charles organic products will be in seventh heaven in this section. Over 110 types of truffle will ensure that nearly all tastes are satisfied. Staff will be happy to advise you in selecting luxury gifts.

On the Lower Ground of our store, you will find sweets and a superb selection of chocolates from renowned companies such as Rausch, Cadbury and Cailler. There are 104 types of fruit gums, 43 varieties of liquorice and 38 different sweets, which will not only send children into raptures, but are ready for you to take away.

Tel. +49 (0) 40 35 90 1-194